Monday, September 9, 2013

Kevin Spacey; Dog Arch Villian and Dog Killer

My Mom bought the first season of House of Cards, and this dog was appalled to see that Francis Underwood (played by Kevin Spacey) plays the role of a Congressman whose very first action in the television show is to strangle a dog.  Yes, you read correctly--he strangled a dog!!!!  I couldn't believe that Jeff would recommend this television show to Mommy.  Angel Zoom Smokey was watching it, and she was so disgusted that she got up and left the room.  I heard all about it from her because I was napping in my favorite spot in front of the French doors in the great room.  She came running into me to tell me how awful the show was, and how could the humans buy such a horrible show?  I assured her that, from the lecture Jeff was getting from Mommy, I could tell that Mommy did not approve of the opening although she says the show is not bad.  Jeff honestly did not know that is how it started, and I'm sure he wouldn't have suggested her buying it had he known.  This brings me to the point of my blog topic today.  I know Kevin Spacey is just playing a part, but when the part involves killing a dog, as a dog myself, I take that very seriously. 

If this was the first and ONLY time he was mean to a dog, it would be different but need I remind you that in Superman Returns, he was hardly a dog lover in that movie either.  I overlooked it in that movie simply because he was playing Lex Luthor and everyone knows what a villain he is.  However, now I can only assume that he must enjoy the role of dog arch villain since he has taken it on more than once.  No one is forcing him to take these roles, and I don't care how nice he was in the movie K-Pax, this dog is not fooled!  In this movie, he played a mental patient who claimed to be from another planet.  I have given this matter a lot of thought, and I have decided that Kevin Spacey is a visitor from another planet, and that he came to Earth to harm dogs and be an arch villain to our species.  I think he is from that evil bird planet that gave us the Angry Birds.  If you ask me, I have no idea why the birds are angry anyway.  It is dogs who should be angry that we have to share the planet with those bomb dropping feathered varmints!

You may think that I'm a crackpot, but when the truth comes out in the future, and we find that Kevin Spacey is honestly an alien who came to Earth to kill dogs, you know you heard it from me first.  Once again, Demon Flash Bandit is first with the big news!

Demon Flash Bandit (Kevin Spacey:  Alien Dog Killer)

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