Sunday, September 8, 2013

Don't Put Blame on Innocent Tooth Fairy

I have written in the past about the Tooth Fairy, the Fairy who visits human puppies who lose a tooth to give them money for the tooth.  Evidently, baby teeth are very popular in their land.  Most children are thrilled to have the tooth fairy visit since it is one of those win/win situations for them.  They lose a tooth, get paid, and get a better tooth as a replacement.;  This makes the Tooth Fairy a delightful childhood figure for most of the human puppies.  However, I have a link to share:

This link contains a letter written by the Tooth Fairy who not only does not leave the child money, but blames the child for the lack of money because the room is too messy for the Tooth Fairy to find the pillow.  If you ask me, I think the parents grabbed the real Tooth Fairy, and they put the note in the child's bedroom.  The Tooth Fairy Rules of Money Dispensing have no rules for whether or not the child has a neat or messy room.  Besides, the real Tooth Fairy would just fly over, get the tooth, and leave the money.  She would not have to walk through the mess anyway.  She is magical so I don't think finding the proper pillow would be that difficult.  Besides, my 3 brothers all had special "tooth fairy" pillows that stored their tooth in a pocket so there would be no confusion if the Tooth Fairy had a busy night!  I think these parents are guilty of bad parenting in the least and possibly should be prosecuted for impersonating the Tooth Fairy.  The Fairy Union has some serious rules regarding impersonating any of the Fairy Tale characters.

On an even more important note, how could this possibly affect us dogs?  If the parents are beginning to put strings attached to tooth fairy money, will a dog have to do more tricks to get treats?  I think we are safe because one thing about us dogs, if the humans don't leave us money for a tooth, we just might sink our other teeth into said human.  We dogs don't take the guff the human puppies are willing to take! 

Perhaps a more effective way to deal with this situation would have been for the parents to leave the innocent Tooth Fairy out of it.  They could have.....get ready for it....bark at the child to clean the room.  Sometimes a parent does have to look like the "bad guy".  Don't try to pin it on the Tooth Fairy!

Demon Flash Bandit (Defending Innocent Tooth Fairy)

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