Sunday, September 22, 2013

Disposable Versus Reusable

Is there no end to the "silly problems" that the humans can't seem to solve unless a dog gets involved?  Today I read an article on MSN about the humans who don't have a lot of money having problems getting enough diapers for their babies.  We dogs solved this problem with our puppies centuries ago, and it is called the lawn or grass.  However, the humans aren't going to go with the simple "dog" solution because they insist on making everything complicated.  Here is the link to the diaper article for those who are interested:

I'm sure it is a problem because those disposable diapers can get expensive since babies insist on going through so many of them.  I did some serious research and discovered that there was a time before disposable diapers were invented that involved cloth diapers and washing them once they were used.  Unlike disposable diapers, you can re-use the cloth ones.  Of course, the big companies don't get rich selling diapers, but if it comes to eating or buying diapers, this dog would go for the food!   The article does point out that washing cloth diapers is not an option for many people because they do not own clothes washers, and many Laundromats do not allow people to wash diapers.  However, there is a portable washer that is made by several different companies that will wash clothing, and you do not need a special water hook-up for them to work.  They hook up to the existing water supply. At $100 a month for disposables, wouldn't it be cheaper to give out portable washing machine vouchers to those who need them.  I don't claim to be a mathematician, but it seems that, in the long run, the humans would save a lot of money by using the cloth ones.  Of  course, if they followed their dogs example, they would encourage the babies to go outside and use the grass.  For those who have never heard of a portable washer, here is a link:

What would the humans do without us dogs to show them the way?

Demon Flash Bandit (Solving Yet Another Human Problem)

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