Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Bacon is the Word!

My word for today is "bacon".  Why bacon?  Because I love it.  I love the way it tastes, how it smells when it is cooking, and the texture of it in my mouth.  It is a delightful meat which is banned in many religions because God was watching out for us dogs.  If the humans can't eat it, then it stands to reason that they would feed it to their dogs.  You do know what God spelled backwards is:  DOG so it is only natural that the supreme ruler of the universe would be watching out for us dogs by making sure we get lots and lots of bacon.  Unfortunately, my humans religion does not ban them from eating bacon so Angel Zoom Smokey and myself have to resort to clever means to get more bacon.  NOTE:  Dogs, do not walk around the house in a pig suit hoping to give the humans the idea to buy more bacon.  They have been known to slaughter pigs to get bacon so it is not safe.  Remember, you are dealing with humans and they aren't geniuses!

Speaking of bacon and pigs, how can a store like Piggly Wiggly sell out to a larger chain.  I am sharing a link to the story:

How can a store with such a cute name and cute mascot not do well?  Walmart does well despite their stupid "happy face" which lacks cuteness and creativity.   Give me the pig mascot any day over the happy face. 

Demon Flash Bandit (Bacon is the Word)

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