Friday, September 6, 2013

Get Treats Even When Your Human isn't Home!

I have some great news today about  a new invention that came from the mind of a human named Brooke Martin.  The invention is called the iCPooch.  This brilliant invention allows a human who is away from home to video chat with their dog, and also to deliver a treat for the dog even when the human is in a remote location.  Yes, you don't just "talk" to your dog and tell him or her that they will get a treat when you return home.  The dog gets the treat NOW!  I don't think I have to tell you how important the "NOW" is in that situation.  This is going to be a great thing for dogs with separation anxiety.  However,  let's face it, even us non separation anxiety sufferers are going to be happy with this new device.  Besides, most dogs will bark that you can never get too many treats!  The item is listed on Kickstarter because they need start up capital to start this venture.  I personally think that all dog owners should reach deep into their pockets to get this device into stores.  We dogs NEED a "vending" machine for treats when our humans can't be there to give them to us from their own hands.  Here is a link so that you can read all about this invention which is sheer genius.  I suspect that Brooke Martin had some help from her dog even if it was just inspiration.

Demon Flash Bandit (Dog Who Approves of New Invention)

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