Sunday, September 29, 2013

Cats Should not be Celebrities

Today I am sharing a link about how some celebrities have pets that have become celebrities themselves.  Here is the link:

This article upset me because, although I can understand people being interested in celebritie's dogs, I have no idea why a cat would become famous.  I don't mind cats, but let's face it, they are still cats.  There is nothing you can do to improve a cat...they are just who they are, and that makes it impossible for them to improve themselves.  Cats, by their very nature, do not even try to please the humans.  It is almost like they are too stupid to know who pays for their food.  We dogs know to be appreciative and act nice so we won't have to get out and get a job.   If jobs were fun, the humans wouldn't complain about them so much.  I am all for making pets celebrities, but not cats!!!

Demon Flash Bandit (Speaking Out on Cat Issues)

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