Monday, July 25, 2011

Super Dooper Dog

I shouldn't divulge this information on the Internet, but I know I can trust my readers to keep it quiet. Demon Flash Bandit is actually my secret identity. I am actually Super Dooper Dog. Yes, I'm not just Super Dog, companion of Superman, I have the added Dooper which means I am even more super than Super Dog. For those who have been keeping up with the news, the United States Congress is having some problems coming to an agreement on the budget (what budget?). I have been reading about it, and I realized that this was a problem that could only be solved by Super Dooper Dog. I know taxes are lousy to pay, but I think the billionaires and the oil companies can afford to pay what the regular working people pay in taxes. I also think that the spending can be cut without causing that much of a problem. They can start by cutting corporate welfare. I also think that any funding for birds should be cut. They are evil and I hate them getting checks for birdseed. I also think that dogs should be allowed to be declared as dependents on the humans taxes. McDonalds does not give out those burgers free just because you are a dog. I'm not really that worried about Congress reaching an agreement. I think they will come to a last minute agreement because, the whole bunch has to worry about being reelected. They are playing "chicken". I think the humans should have more sense than to play a game named after a bird, but I'm not a human. The humans, as everyone knows are descendants of monkeys, and the monkeys aren't nearly as smart as us dogs!

Onto a more important subject. I have a gorgeous tail. I know I probably have written about it before and it goes without saying, but my tail is gorgeous. I'm thinking of having photos made of it to hang around the house so the humans can enjoy looking at my tail even if I'm not in the room with them. In fact, looking at my tail makes me happy so perhaps I could market photos of it so the humans who tend to be depressed will have something to make them happy without having to resort to anti-depressants. It makes me feel good to help the humans who have such problems with being happy. If you give a dog some tasty food (preferably human food), a comfortable place to nap, and some tummy rubs, we are happy. The humans could learn a lot from us!

Demon Flash Bandit (Super Dooper Dog)

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