Saturday, July 9, 2011

President Should be a Dog!

I always enjoy sharing my celebrity letters with my readers. Today's letter is from Sarah Palin. She also sent me the above "resume" for President of the United States. I know I'm a world famous blogger, but I'm not really sure why she sent me the resume. It isn't like I am the one who chooses who will run for President. I don't even think you need a resume for the job.

Anyway, as you can see, the resume is a picture of Sarah Palin in red and a dinosaur in blue. I would share the meaning with my readers, but I haven't got a clue as to the meaning of the drawing. I would venture to guess that Sarah Palin probably has no idea what it means either.

She sent me a letter along with the resume which I will now share with my readers.

Dear Demon Flash Bandit,

I am writing you because I'm from Alaska and you are a gee golly snow dog. I think I would make a good President because I am a gee golly hockey mom. Hockey is one of the most gee golly nicest sports on the planet. All the players are so gee golly polite to each other as they are knocking each other's teeth out. I promise to keep the job as President for gee golly 6 months before I resign to do a television show, "Let's Shoot and Kill Animals".

I'm sure you will want me to be President, Demon Flash Bandit, because I can gee golly see Russia from my house and you are a gee golly Siberian Husky. WINK!!! WINK!!!

Love, Sarah Palin

In case you are wondering, no she will not get this dog's vote. I was not impressed with her resume.
Demon Flash Bandit (A Dog Should be President)

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