Sunday, July 3, 2011

Conspiracy Against Dogs

Today I am going to cover a conspiracy of epic proportions. The conspiracy involves one of my favorite treats: Bit of Luv. These are delicious dog treats in beef or chicken flavor and they are truly a bite of love. My humans say I'm a Bit of Luv addict. I don't agree, but when none of the stores around here had them anymore, I wasn't happy. You can imagine how happy I was when I saw the ACO ad, and they had Bit of Luv ON SALE. That's right....they had my treats and they were even below the usual price. This dog was on Cloud know the cloud you go to when you are super happy!!!!! Anyway, my humans stopped by ACO and the store never got the Bit of Luv in as expected. I was annoyed, but I thought it would be okay because the humans could try again the next week. I assumed that perhaps the shipment was late. I had my mouth all set for those delicious treats and then when my humans went out the other day, it looks like the ACO store has shut down without notice. The ACO sign is covered up and there is a "For Lease" sign in front. I can only assume that this is part of a vast conspiracy reaching into the top levels of dog enemies. I have been doing some intelligence gathering, and I have narrowed it down to several possibilities. Of course, there are my usual suspects: birds. Whenever there are problems in a dog's life, you can be sure that if the birds aren't behind them, they are at the very least laughing at the dog. It could also be cats. Although some cats are friendly to dogs, there are definitely some who hate us dogs. Perhaps it is space aliens who were using ACO as a base until some human stumbled upon their secret and they had to shut down the store. The humans said maybe they went out of business. Of course, I know that couldn't be the case. How can a place go out of business when the sales of Bit of Luv alone would make the profitable beyond their wildest dreams! Leave it to the humans to come up with the least likely scenerio.

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