Monday, July 18, 2011

Are Dragons Birds?

It is hot here, and it reminds me of the evil treachery of the birds. They steal the snow and make it hot, and they are the ones causing global warming. Yet, they fly around acting innocent. They aren't fooling this dog. I can speak bird. It is important to learn to speak the language of your enemies! This brings up a topic which I have been wondering about a lot. I have never met a dragon, and I assume that they are extinct, but many cultures have talked about them so I'm assuming they aren't mythical characters. Anyway, they had wings and could fly. Does this make them members of the bird family? Personally, I'm glad they are extinct since this dog does not want to meet up with a fire breathing bird. The non fire breathing birds are annoying enough for me.
I am also wondering why there is no bacon delivery service for dogs. I am in the mood for some tasty bacon, and there is no restaurant that will deliver bacon. Sure, you can get a pizza delivered and it can have bacon on it, but I don't want a pizza. I just want the bacon. It is tasty and delicious and a dog enjoys bacon! Also, Oscar Meyer has a hotdogmobile, but no one has ever built a baconmobile. If a car looked like bacon, I bet every dog in the vicinity of that car would be following it. I don't think a dog could resist chasing said car.
I hope my readers are staying cool.
Demon Flash Bandit (Are Dragons Birds?)

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