Sunday, July 31, 2011

Einstein's Theory of Relativity

I hate to admit that this dog was watching a children's show. Yeah, I know I'm much too smart for children's shows, but sometimes they are fun to watch, and I like to be entertained. I was watching Schemer from Shining Times Station. Schemer gave me a great idea. He wanted to look intelligent so he said to look intelligent, you need to carry around a big book by Shakespeare. Since I'm already a genius, it occurred to me that if I carried around a big book by Shakespeare, the humans will think I am even smarter than Einstein, the dog on Back to the Future. Whenever I hear Einstein mentioned, I think of him. He was one highly intelligent dog since even the humans recognize his genius. Of course, even a normal dog is more intelligent than the average human. However, who doesn't appreciate Einstein's theory of relativity? He said if you have a relative, you must spend Christmas and other holidays with them. My humans are so fond of Einstein that they have a stuffed reproduction Einstein in Mommy's bedroom that they purchased at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. On the subject of Back to the Future, you will note that Einstein was the first to travel in time. It as not Marty McFly because he travelled in time later than Einstein. I wonder if Einstein was going back into the future to to have a family reunion with his relatives. Perhaps that is when he came up with the theory of relativity. I am going to go back to watching television. A dog has to spend some time pursuing culture and education by watching television.

Demon Flash Bandit (Watching Television)

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