Monday, July 11, 2011

Eight is Too Many and a Dozen is Only for Doughnuts

There were some problems on a recent flight to Los Angeles, California. It turns out that Nadya Suleman (aka Octomom) and Kristen Johnston (actress from Third Rock from the Sun) were on board the same airplane. Suleman had her 12 kids including 8 2 year olds in business class and Johnston was in first class. As anyone who has ever been around a 2 year old would know, they can be very noisy at times, and having that multiplied by 8 can get on adult's nerves very quickly. It can even get on a dog's nerves, and most dogs like children. Johnston asked her to quiet the children and Suleman asked her to help. Eventually, Johnston got off the airplane and did not return. It seems that the airlines are thinking of banning babies from first class, and although it seems a bit mean, I bet incidents like this do not help the babies cause. In addition, Suleman had to insult Johnston. Her big excuse: "I didn't know she was a celebrity." Does it really matter whether she was a celebrity? Suleman has done nothing to make her a celebrity except to have too many children at once. Any idiot can do that. I am very sympathetic to dealing with children. My own human Mommy had 3 sons who are grown now, but too many parents do not want to watch their own children, and some of them can really cause a lot of problems for those around them. Normally, I do not care how many children a person chooses to have, but obviously, 8 children at a time is too many for anyone to deal with which is why Mother Nature does not allow that many children. However, when the human fertility doctors think they know better than Mother Nature, then there are problems. Sure some doggy moms have had more than 8 puppies at once so the humans think they can do it too. They are not dogs and do not have a dog's amazing ability to raise their puppies. There is no way that Nadya Suleman can ever raise her babies properly because she is a human and not a dog. The humans have enough trouble bringing up one baby at a time. Can a dog help it if we are better at most everything than the humans?

Demon Flash Bandit (Eight is too Many)

Demon Flash Bandit (Eight is Too Many)

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