Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Demon Flash Bandit: Artist!

I have a real treat for my readers today. I was fortunate enough to spend a bit of time in the Modern Art section of the Detroit Institute of Arts. This visit made me realize that I too can be an artist. I came home and immediately made a masterpiece with my own paws. I am calling it "What Dogs Mean to the Earth". I used the circle to represent the Earth. Sure, some of my dog pals told me that it is square, but I think the circle looks nicer and the humans seem to think it is circular and this painting is for them. The paw represents the paw prints that dogs leave behind on the planet. Whenever I see a dog paw print, I know that the world where that dog walked is a better place for having had a paw touch down there. The many colors represent the colors a dog adds to all the humans lives. Without us dogs, their world would be like a black and white colorless television. They would live sad, solitary existences with only other humans to keep them company, and that would be tragic!

To think that I might have never realized what artistic talent I possess had it not been for attending the art museum. I'll admit my painting is no "dogs playing poker", but that painting is not modern art. Modern art is art that often looks like it was done by someone in kindergarten, but it has a intellectual explanation that makes the artist look super intelligent which is why it is worth so much. Of course, if you buy a painting done by an intelligent artist, that makes the buyer look intelligent too. The wealthy humans like to buy paintings that may look like garbage, but that show they are super intelligent. You'd think they would just hang up their bank books since many of the humans seem to think that intelligence and money go together. I don't think they do because, from what I have read on the news, some of the humans running companies and making lots of money are complete idiots. Of course, I'm quite sure they are blissfully unaware of their stupidity.

I'm sure many of my readers are going to be asking me if they can buy a copy of my painting. At present, I have no plans to sell them. I have one original and I am giving that to my humans so they can hang it on the wall and make the house look better. It is my contribution to the betterment of mankind. However, if you want to copy my painting, just let me know and I'll give you permission since I like to make humans happy. Just let me know that you are enjoying it. My address is:

demonflashbandit@gmail.com I like to know that the humans enjoy my talent. Who knows? I might even get out some paints and make another masterpiece that I share with my readers as long as my readers enjoy my masterpiece.

Demon Flash Bandit (Artist)

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  1. How furry beewootiful! Woofs to da artist!

    Mya Boo Boo