Thursday, July 7, 2011

Dogs Make Better Jurors

Last night I was watching a movie entitled, Cool Dog. The movie starred a dog, and it was a great movie. I notice it was not up for an Oscar, but that does not surprise me since the Oscars are always biased against dog movies. Even though the bias is not fair, I can understand it since the humans know that dogs are better actors and are worried about their jobs!

I have not mentioned the jury case of Casey Anthony largely because, I was not on the jury so I didn't need to keep up with it. The prosecution presented the argument that this was a mother whose child was missing, and she was lying to the police. You would think that a Mommy of a missing child would be trying to make sure the child is found---not impeding the search. The jury said the prosecution did not prove the case. I don't know about that since I didn't keep up with the case, but one thing bothers me. One reason they gave for not finding her guilty was that the prosecution could not establish a motive for her killing the child. That is when I realized that juries should no longer be made up of humans. The humans should be replaced by dogs. Why? Because all us dogs know that humans do things without logical reasons. Perhaps Casey Anthony got annoyed at her child....perhaps she was having a bad day...perhaps they cancelled her favorite television show. Maybe the jury was right, but the very fact that they think another human needs a reason for their behavior proves to us dogs that they don't have any sense. In addition, dogs would "smell" the evidence and be able to pick up all sorts of clues from the smell. Humans can't smell their way out of a paper bag with those little, semi-useless noses of theirs. The best thing about having dogs serve as jurors is that we would work for dingo bones and McDonalds. They have to pay the humans cash, and we all know how greedy the humans are about money.

Demon Flash Bandit (Potential Juror Demon Flash Bandit)

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