Thursday, July 21, 2011

Problems Are Not Lucky!!!

Perhaps you, like I, have noticed that the world is full of problems. Those problems are very annoying to those who have to deal with them. I think that it is good to be optimistic., There are humans who, when faced with problems, say encouraging things like, a problem is an opportunity in disguise. While it is true that some people have made a fortune solving problems experienced by the majority of people, I have decided that attitude is very annoying for most people and dogs. Therefore, I have decided that those people need to be lined up and shot. Normally, I do not like guns nor do I think they solve many problems, but shooting those overly optimistic humans whose happy attitudes make us normal dogs want to strangle them is okay. I am looking for a gun that can be operated without a thumb so that a dog can shoot whatever human says anything that stupid. These are the kind of idiot humans who, when a dog at a shelter faces euthanasia because he doesn't have anyone to adopt him say things like, "he is in a better place". Sure, crossing the rainbow bridge does put a dog in a better place, but that does not mean that a young, healthy dog wants to go there immediately because the humans don't have enough sense to know they need a dog! By the way, I don't want to kill the humans...just wound them. It should make them very happy because the wound would constitute a problem which they can solve. They might even come up with a better bandage. What lucky humans-to be able to turn a problem into a solution....what a lucky opportunity!

Demon Flash Bandit (Problems Aren't Lucky)

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