Friday, July 8, 2011

Cowboy Hat for Kate

I don't know how many of you saw the news story about William and Kate initially not wearing a cowboy hat in Calgary on their tour of Canada. I can only assume that the cowboy hat was not silly looking enough for Kate, but today I received a letter from Kate so I can put all my readers minds at rest on the subject. I'm sharing it with you now:

Dear Demon Flash Bandit,

My mother in law speaks very highly of you and your blog so I thought I would use your considerable influence to set the record straight. I did think the cowboy hat was too plain for my taste. I did not mean to hurt any one's feelings which is why both William and myself wore cowboy hats later on. However, I would have worn the hat in the beginning if it had been my style--you know maybe a peacock beanie baby on top surrounded by beanie baby mice. That is a hat I would be proud to wear. I'm sorry you think my hats are silly, but I put a lot of thought into them. I'm not saying my thoughts are good, but they are thoughts. Thanks for getting this little mistake straightened out. Best wishes from William and myself!

Love, Kate

I suppose there is no accounting for taste, but I bet the royal accountants do get tired of sending checks to pay for those silly hats Kate wears.

Demon Flash Bandit (Kate and the Cowboy Hat)

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