Thursday, July 28, 2011

National Chocolate Day!

Today is Milk Chocolate Day so this dog is going to try to steal some milk chocolate from the humans. I think the humans have only said that chocolate is bad for dogs so they can hoard it all for themselves. Hey humans, bacon is bad for you and should only be served to dogs. Let's see how they like not getting bacon. Seriously, who decides what is good or bad for a dog? I bet it is those sneaky veterinarians who are always trying to give a dog a shot. Sure, they say it is to prevent a dog from getting something bad, but I think they are just mean jerks who want to put a needle in a dog. I say let them get some fabric and use those needles where they belong--in sewing. Knowing them, they would probably make doggy clothes to further annoy us dogs--at least those of us who don't want to wear clothing!

I am going to report a news story from Capshaw, Alabama. A woman stopped her car, a Mercedes because she saw a goat and a dog on the highway and didn't want them to get hit by a car. The goat jumped on her car and refused to get down. The police were called and they put the goat into the back of the police car, and the dog jumped in with the goat. Talk about friendship. The dog didn't want the goat to be arrested alone! Once again, dogs make great pals.
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Demon Flash Bandit (National Chocolate Day)

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