Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Doggy Dreaming

Since napping is a favorite past time of mine, I do enjoy a lot of dreams, and most of them are good. I often dream about a nice meal at Burger King or perhaps a good run without a leash. However, not all dreams are good so it does make a dog wonder if the humans realize how silly they sound when they talk like having their dreams come true would always be a good thing. I know we dogs tend to have good dreams, but the humans sometimes have nightmares, but they are still dreams. Who would want them to come true? Do the humans want some alien monster chasing them around in real life? I know the humans aren't as intelligent as us dogs, but I think even they have some sense. It would be nice if good dreams came true, but I do think it would be important to make sure that you specify--just in case the "Big Guy" is listening and decides to give you your heart's desire.

Since some of you might be wondering what kinds of things I dream about, I will tell you. Burger King burgers, Yummy Chummies, dingo bones, squeaky toys, tummy rubs, etc. This dog knows what matters in life, and those are the kinds of things that matter.

Demon Flash Bandit (Doggy Dreamer)

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