Thursday, April 22, 2010

Meet Me in Virtual World

This dog has been hanging out in a new virtual world that I find very enjoyable. This new "world" can be found at . It just happens that Mommy's great niece and great nephew sent her a stuffed husky from the build a bear company, and that husky has been having fun adventures in buildabearville. You might ask if it is safe to be there, but the bears there are nice bears and wouldn't hurt a dog or a human. They aren't disgruntled bears who have humans taking over their territory. In fact, it is their world, and no humans can come there and move them to a new place. I'm sure that other dogs and humans would enjoy playing this game--particularly the younger humans. I have to admit, I have just been hanging around--I haven't started playing yet, but I will soon. A dog has to get to know everyone and get a feel for the town. Meet me at the cafe there--I could use a snack.

Demon Flash Bandit (Hanging Out in Virtual World)


  1. I know a bear that has a blog!

  2. Well, at least these disgruntled bears can easily get a job at any local post office! :-p I am also glad that the bears in the virtual world are extremely gruntle! lol :-P