Saturday, April 3, 2010

Ultimate Dog Problem: Robot Birds

For the dogs who read Entertainment Weekly, this blog will come as no suprise because I am commenting on one of their articles. The magazine talks about how Sam Worthington, an actor who was in the big hit, Avatar, hated the owl in the movie Clash of the Titans. He hated the owl, wanted to destroy it, and said "that owl did not deserve to be in our movie". This dog loved the article because it is nice to see a human who thinks intelligently like myself. I wrote a blog last month (3-6-10) entitled, Birds New Song: Don't Fear the Reaper. For those of you who missed the blog, I was talking about how birds steal a dog's snow, sing and taunt a dog about the theft in the spring and summer, and how they are the cause of global warming. It is so nice to see a human who understands how serious this situation with birds has become. The owl's name was Bubo, which makes this dog wonder--when did birds become important enough to deserve a name? Perhaps people in Australia are more aware of how evil birds happen to be. That could explain why Worthington hated the owl so much. The thing that really upsets this dog is that the owl was a mechanical bird. I have been writing a diary on for several years, and I have warned the dogs on that site about the possibility of a robot bird being created. Now we know one exists. Hitchcock tried to warn other humans about birds in his documentary, The Birds, but most people didn't listen to or heed his warnings. I am glad that an actor has finally did an interview for a major entertainment magazine that tells people just what he thinks of birds--and I'm even happier that he shares my opinion of them. Sam Worthington--good actor, intelligent human!

Demon Flash Bandit (The Ultimate Dog Problem: Robot Birds!)

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