Thursday, April 8, 2010

Computer Needs Psychiatrist

I didn't write a blog yesterday because I am experiencing technical difficulties. Actually, the computer is experiencing those difficulties. I am fine, but a dog does need a computer to post his blog so that is why I didn't write. My brother rebooted the computer and now it has went from dead to insane--yes I have taken it to a technical psychiatrist, and he has pronounced that the computer is suffering from delusions--this is because the mouse now has a mind of its own. He also said it is classic narcissistic disorder because the computer thinks it is the best computer in the world and is irreplaceable. Judging from the amount of money in this dog's bank account, that might be true. Why do the humans not set up bank accounts for us dogs? We could use some back up money for treats, toys, and the occasional new computer. This is why I cam going to let Mommy buy the computer and I'll just use hers. That will teach the humans who is boss!

However, most of my readers don't care about the psychiatric diagnosis of my computer problems, they came here to read the latest opinions of Demon Flash Bandit, dog, because the humans know dogs are smarter than them, and they need our wisdom to get through the day. I will not disappoint those humans. Today I will write about a subject that is on most people's minds nowadays. That subject: which movie that is playing at the theatre should they go and see? Since Mommy went to a movie yesterday, Hot Tub Time Machine, I will relate her review of the movie. Because dogs aren't allowed in theatres, I can't do the review until it comes out on dvd and then it would be too late for my readers to know what to go see at the theatre. Here is the review:

Hot Tub Time Machine:

Four men and a young guy go back to the place where the three older men spent a weekend in their past. They get into the hot tub in their hotel, and it sends them back in time to the 80s. I might add that since the 80s were a lackluster time period, the fact that the movie was enjoyable makes it a phenomenal success. I can't tell you anymore than the beginning or it would spoil the movie, but if I were allowed to go to the theatre, Mommy thinks I would enjoy the movie. Of course, it is no Snow Dogs or Eight Below-those movies are great. It isn't even up there with Beethoven or Turner and Hooch. However, when a movie is lacking dogs, if the movie has only humans and it isn't a total failure, then they have done a good job.

If I'm not able to post for a few days, it means the computer has went from insane to dead again. I hope my readers are having a good week, and remember, Demon Flash Bandit says thanks for reading my blog!

Demon Flash Bandit (Using Crazy Computer)

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