Friday, April 2, 2010

Telephones: This Dog Willing To Give Them a Try

All us dogs know that humans have some eccentric behavior, but I think some of the oddest behavior is caused by a device that is in just about every home--and some humans even carry it with them when they leave. That device is the telephone. I know I'm not the only dog who has observed how silly the humans react to the device. It rings a lot and annoys the dog who is usually trying to take a nap. Sometimes the humans rush to answer it, and sometimes they let it ring--depending on their mood. Yes, humans get moody about the weirdest things. My humans usually answer the phone if they can, but I have learned that this is not standard procedure with all humans. Some "screen calls" which is silly since there is no screen anywhere around the telephone. Some "tele" devices are good. Television seems to offer a lot of entertainment, and I have even seen dogs on that device so I know it has to be good. I would love to have a "tele"portation device to teleport me to Burger King when I want a burger. Telephones just don't seem to be as interesting. However, in the interest of being fair, I think the humans should get a phone just for me, and then I will bark a blog about whether it is a good product or not. I will warn the phone companies though, if I give it a poor rating, they might loose lots of business since the humans will listen to the wisdom of Demon Flash Bandit.

Demon Flash Bandit (Willing to Give the Phone a Try)

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