Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I Am Not a Fashion Model--Don't Get Any Ideas About Dressing Me

I thought only humans had to worry about what they should wear each day, but now dogs are taking over the fashion world. I guess the designers finally realized something us dogs have known for centuries--we are very cute! According to the dog fashion experts I have researched on the internet, a dog should wear something that expresses his personality. Does that mean a dog who likes to nap should wear a pillow as a hat to express his personality? It would be practical too--if the dog gets an urge to take a nap, he already has a pillow with him. There are now dog fashion shows to show off the newest dog fashions with the main difference being that the dog models are so much better looking than the human models.

This dog is not happy with the new trend. When some silly humans starts saying that all dogs should wear booties to protect their paws, I say that no one asked this dog what he thought about that idea. I like to go out bare pawed. I don't like booties and I refuse to wear them. If I don't want to wear booties, you can imagine how I feel about clothing. Sure, some dogs are okay with it--particularly the smaller breeds, but I don't want the big dogs laughing at me--and you know the humans will come up with silly outfits. My humans might want to dress me in a tutu like I'm some kind of ballet star. My outfit would have to be tough because I'm a tough dog. In fact, if they really want to express my personality, I would be dressed as a hamburger because I do love Burger King burgers. They are delicious burgers!

For all the dogs who are reading this, it is okay if you want to dress up in an outfit, but don't let the humans dress you if you don't want to be dressed. Today, they will dress a dog in a cute outfit, tommorrow, they'll have us taking dance lessons. Will the humans' insanity ever end?

Demon Flash Bandit (I Look Good in My Fur!)

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