Monday, April 26, 2010

Dogfucious Say: A Well Trained Human is a Good Human

I have been thinking that the big problem with training the humans is that a dog needs to start when they are human puppies. This is why I came up with a new plan for human training. There used to be a television show on for pre-school children called Romper Room. This show was on for many years, and I have decided that it was a wonderful way to train human puppies. Of course, I won't actually be using Romper Room since the show didn't do a good job of human training from a dog's perspective, but I think the idea can be modified so that human puppies can be trained by dogs from an early age--those early years are so important to the learning process.

The show will be called, Mushing Room, and this dog will be the trainer. I will be called Unc Demon or Uncle Demon because I think that sounds nicer than Mr. Demon. I will then train the human puppies to listen to their dog, do what the dog says, and to generally recognize the dog's superiority, and bow to that superiority. There will be a Do Flea on there. When a human puppy does something unacceptable to a dog, it will be time to call out the arch villain, Do Flea, who will bite the human puppy for being bad. Believe me, the human puppy will learn fast not to mess with the Do Flea.

Aside from training, the humans puppies and myself will play games, sing songs, and have fun. I have found that the humans learn better when they are entertained. I have to go now. I've got some serious napping to do if I have to stay awake and have the energy to take care of the human puppies.

Remember the wise words of Dogfucious: A well trained human is a good human!

Demon Flash Bandit (Human Puppy Trainer)

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  1. Woooos Uncle Demon! he, he, he...
    Mom trains human owners of new puppies to listen to their puppies too! I trained her right and now she is out spreading the woooooos.....Nothing like training them right from the beginning, I say!
    -~husky kisses~
    -Kira The BeaWootiful