Friday, November 9, 2012

Royal Shopping Trip With Dog

Today I have to commend Kate Middleton for having the good sense to take her dog, Lupo shopping with her.  This is something that the humans should do more often.  Considering how stupid the humans are, they need their dogs with them to keep them from buying stupid stuff.  I can't tell you how many times I have looked at what a human has bought at the store, and said to myself, "myself, this human just threw away money on a totally useless item".   Kate and Lupo were spotted shopping at the London Burlington Arcade which sounds like a fun place to shop--maybe they are able to play video games while they shop.  I know that would be a definite improvement on the shopping experience.  I bet Lupo made sure that Kate bought a bunch of dingo bones, and treats.  That is one of the smartest investments a human can make at a store.  Ask any dog, and you will get the same opinion.  Regular rawhide bones are okay, but dingo bones are the best!!!  As a dog who does not like to wear clothes, I do approve of the fact that Lupo was not dressed, but I hope that it wasn't because Kate is being cheap with the dog.  As long as Lupo has outfits at home which Lupo does not choose to wear (like myself), it is okay.  However, it is wrong for the humans to ever be cheap with their dogs.   I am going to share the link so you can see how cute Lupo looked at the arcade.

I only hope that the royal family listens to Lupos' wisdom in running the country.  A dog should always be a government's top advisor!

Demon Flash Bandit (Dogs Like to Shop)

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