Thursday, November 29, 2012

Bonuses: A Reward for a Good Job

Today I have decided to write about the insanity of many of the humans who run large businesses.  Case in point:  Hostess.  The executives at Hostess have taken an iconic American company and ruined it.  I know it is popular for management to blame the workers, but considering that the human who was called in to help restructure the company, Gregory Rayburn, is being paid $150,000. a month; I don't think it is hard to see where the company's money is going.  The executives also want a bonus in addition to the money they make.  This dog thinks it is stupid to give executives who are in charge when a company goes into bankruptcy bonuses.   I'm a dog, and I know you can buy a lot of dingo bones with $150,000.  I'm not even sure I would have time to eat that many bones in a month. I bet they have other perks too--like unlimted free dingo bones, and tennis balls.  Don't get me wrong--I don't really care how much the executives make if the company is doing well, and the workers are paid a living wage, but I am very tired of reading about all these people at the top who care so little about their employees, and who expect to be rewarded for doing a bad job.  I'm not saying that sometimes a company does not fail due to bad luck or bad timing, but even if it isn't an executive's fault, he should not get a bonus.  I've discussed this with other dogs, and all of us think the humans who allow that are stupid and possibly insane.

When my humans can't get the snacks they enjoy, they will become grouchy, and that will not be pleasant for the family dog (or dogs).  Therefore, I think that, in addition to not getting bonuses, all perks should be cut off.  Let those executives buy their own dingo bones and tennis balls!

Demon Flash Bandit (Bonuses Should be "Earned")

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