Saturday, November 24, 2012

George Washingdog

My humans did not take part in  "Black Friday" shopping.  Mommy said that there is enough insanity out there on normal shopping days so she stayed home which was great with Angel Zoom Smokey and myself.  After reading the news, I can see why she has that attitude, and it is wise--some of my intelligence must have rubbed off on her.  According to news reports, a man went shopping with his girlfriend's baby, left the baby in the car, and then called a friend to pick him up forgetting the baby in the process.  Of course, he remembered the big screen television.  I guess we know where his priorities are.  From what I understand, the baby is okay which is good.  I can see why Mommy does not want to deal with those kinds of humans, and why she chose to stay home with us dogs.

I have decided to write about some famous Americans in today's blog.  I am going to start with the father of our country, George Washingdog.  I bet you didn't know he was a dog, did you?  Let's face it, a human could not have accomplished so much in his lifetime.  He was a surveyor who measured land--can you think of a more perfect job for a dog?  It is a job where you are out in nature, and you get to enjoy marking territory.  That job has "dog" written all over the job description.  He also led the continental army against Britain, and was smart enough to use new battle tactics like surprising the enemy instead of marching up in a line.  You know a dog had to think of that too.  If you tried to chase a rabbit in a straight line, you would fail because rabbits do all kinds of crazy zigzags.  You'd think they don't want to be dinner.  He became the first President of the United States which is an honor that is alluding modern dogs thanks to the humans' jealousy.  They know we do a much better job running things than they do.  When you see George on the one dollar bill, he may look human, but that is because the humans have altered his appearance over the years so that he looks human.  It is yet another government conspiracy to keep dogs from being in power.

Demon Flash Bandit (Discussing George Washingdog)

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