Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me!!!

Today I am going to discuss a television mini series that my human was watching on television yesterday.  That mini series is called The Triangle.  I realize that, to do a fair review, I should watch the item that I am writing about, but just the name was enough to make it impossible for me to watch.  The Triangle has to be a show about geometry, and this dog is not about to waste my time watching a program about math.  I was a bit disappointed that my human was watching it since, to be honest, I know that she is not the kind of human who enjoys geometry.  She said it is about the "Bermuda" triangle, which is supposed to make it less boring.  Who is she kidding, if she wanted to win me over, it should have at least been an "acute" triangle because at least those triangles are cute.  I suppose that they will be making sequels that this dog is not going to watch either:  The Square, The Pentagon, the Rectangle, etc.  There is even a prequel in the works called Two Parallel Lines.  Mommy said it was a good program, but I don't believe her.  I bet she slept through it and just thought it was okay because she did not actually watch it.  I think all geometry related television shows and movies should be cancelled before they are started.  In fact, my brother is watching television as I write this, and I'm doing my best to keep from listening.  He was watching a program that talked about the speed of light, Einstein, and physics which this dog wondered why anyone would watch.  Now he is watching a different program, and I've heard several different things mentioned---ancient China, some ancient game, chess, strategy, and VietNam.  I think it is time for this dog to stop writing and go into the other room where I won't be able to hear what my brother is watching.  A dog could be scarred for life by such programming. 

By the way, it is my birthday so I am wishing myself a happy birthday.  Since I got ham for dinner, and some new toys, my wishes have come to get off the computer so I won't hear the horrible programming coming from the living room.

Demon Flash Bandit (Birthday Dog)

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