Sunday, November 11, 2012

Good Vegetables: Candy Corn!

Vegetables:  how many times have the humans tried to force a dog to eat them?  We dogs want meat, not vegetables.  The same is true for children.  I don't think they prefer meat like dogs, but most of them definitely do not want vegetables.  This is why today's blog is a public service to get dogs and children to eat their vegetables.  I got some vegetables yesterday that were delicious, and I'm sure other dogs and children will agree.  They are called candy corn, and the candy corn does not have that annoying vegetable taste.  In fact, they taste like candy which is probably why they are affectionately called "candy corn".  The next time you need to get a dog or a human child to eat their vegetables, make sure the vegetable is candy corn, and you'll be amazed at the cooperation.  You'll wish you had fed them candy corn sooner!

Demon Flash Bandit (A Good Vegetable)

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