Monday, November 5, 2012

Grizzly Bear Attack

Tragedy has struck at the Animals of Montana facility, a place that trains animals for photographers and filmmakers which is located near Bozeman, Montana.  A young man who was cleaning the cage of the grizzly bears was killed by the bear (or bears).  These are very photogenic, normally well behaved bears who killed the human.  I think I can explain why this happened.  First of all, you are dealing with bears who are "stars".  They are in films, and are admired by audiences.  What happens when the film is over?  The humans cage them up like they are animals.  I'm surprised Yogi Bear has not spoken out on this except he is probably too busy stealing pic-a-nic baskets so he does not have time.  To add insult to the bears, they send a human in to "clean" their cage.  I'm sure the bears don't mind maid service and don't want to clean the cage themselves, but you know how it is when you have a place decorated the way you like it, and some stupid human comes and ruins your hard work.  I know how this feels since I have been a victim of it myself.  I had a spot where I had 40 little ice cream "cups" hoarded in case the ice cream magically filled up in the cup again.  Just last week, one of the humans found my stash and threw all of them away without my permission.  They were my treasures, and as usual, the humans think they know best.  I think the humans should respect our homes and our treasures.  I bet those bears had some honey stashed away, and the humans thought it was garbage.  If only the humans would realize that grizzly bears do not like to be bothered, maybe the tragedy would never have happened.  The bears did not ask to be stars.  I bet they were perfectly happy hanging out in the forest and not being caged.  No one comes in to clean out the forest and bother their stuff. 

Demon Flash Bandit (Discussing Grizzly Bear Attack)

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