Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Romantic Getaway for Dogs

I have good news for dogs who are in the mood for romance.  An 8 story hotel for dogs is located in Brazil.  For dogs who like to travel, it sounds like a perfect place to take your sweetheart.  It is called Animalle Mundo Pet.  Although the spa with the Japanese soaking tub is something I would probably skip as being a bit too much like a bath, some of the other features sound wonderful!  There is beef flavored beer, meat flavored muffins, grooming, doggy perfume ($40.00 a bottle), and canine apparel that a dog can purchase if the dogs likes to dress.  They even offer artificial insemination for the dogs who want to have puppies but don't want to get them the old fashioned way.  It is about time the humans opened a romatic getaway for their dogs.  I might add that I'm sure it is worth every penny it costs.  After all, when you are spending money on the family dog, there should be no limit.  We are worth every penny that is spent!  Here is the link for the dogs out there who want to reserve a room:

Demon Flash Bandit (Dog Who Enjoys Travel)

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