Sunday, November 4, 2012

10 Million Dollars for Finding Bigfoot

Who couldn't use some extra cash particularly during the holiday season?  Spike TV is offering a great way to get that money.  If you find the legendary creature, Big Foot, you get 10 million dollars.  I don't think I have to tell you that I could buy a lot of treats with 10 million dollars.  I would even share it with my humans because I love them.  I am really excited about this because who better to sniff out Bigfoot than a dog?  The humans can't smell their way out of a paper bag, but we dogs have an amazing gift with our noses.  I just hope that, if a dog does find Bigfoot, that his human doesn't try to cheat him out of it and claim the prize for himself.  That happens all the time with us dogs and it isn't right!  For those dogs reading this who want to know more about this endeavor, here is the site:

Another interesting offer comes from South Africa.  One town is offering a free cell phone for every person who brings in 30 rats.  This seems like an offer that would be perfect for a cat so I think a lot of South African cats will be owning their own cell phones in the future.  I wonder if the cell phone companies will be nicer to a lion or tiger with a customer complaint.  Those customers might not be as polite as the humans.  For the cats reading this who want to try their luck at earning a new cell phone, here is the site:

I want all my readers to know that, when I see things in the news that might benefit my readers in any way, I do share the items.  This is because I am a good dog!

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