Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I Own a Siberivarious Violin!

Strativarious violins have been considered the best violins ever made. As a dog who is a violinist, I'm sure you are thinking that, with all my dog talent, I must own a Strativarious violin. Of course, I always want to have the very best violin available to me in my paws so you might be surprised to learn that my violin is not a Strativarious. It is a much more expensive violin which is a Siberivarious. It is made by Siberian Huskies, and you know it has to be the best because dogs always do things better than humans. From the first time it is played by the paws of one of the talented huskies who made it, it brings sweet music to the world. Since I'm a blogger, I am fortunate that I can buy such a priceless item. Mommy says I make no money from my blog, but I'm sure I must be a cazillionaire by now. Humans aren't usually good in math so you can't trust them with numbers. Other dogs who read my blog have told me that I must be super rich to have such a successful blog. I can't disagree with them. Anyway, that is how I could afford such an expensive violin. I've got to go now, and play my violin. There are so few hours in the day for us talented dogs to use all our talents!

Demon Flash Bandit (Siberivarious Violin Owner)

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