Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Zombie Dogs

The humans have been in the process of creating zombie dogs. Basically, the idea is that they take a dog and kill it so they can bring it back to life. The experiment is supposed to help the humans find out how to save humans and bring them back when the medical establishment can help them. (I am going to assume that, here in the United States, the ones without health insurance would stay dead.) Sure, this is what they say, but I think the project is really a way to find out what makes human zombies eat brains and act stupid. If they can make sure dog zombies don't share this behavior, they might stand a chance of stopping human zombies before they start a zombie apocalypse. There have been way too many instances on the news about humans eating other humans in recent weeks. I guess the experiments must be on some kind of "deadline" if this continues. Yes, I just love the play on words that a dog blogger can enjoy. Anyway, I am not sure that I like the idea of turning dogs into zombies. Those dogs could be running free over the bridge and instead they are being forced to hang out in some lab so the humans can do experiments. Sure, a labrador might be okay with it, but not a Siberian Husky. We like to run our own lives! Here is the link for my readers can read about it for themselves:

Demon Flash Bandit (Not a Zombie Dog)

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