Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Wilfred: Great Television Show

Mommy bought the first season of the television show, Wilfred. This television show stars Elijah Wood, and it is about him and a neighbor's dog, Wilfred. To everyone else, Wilfred looks like a dog, but to Ryan (played by Elijah Wood), he looks like a human in a dog suit, and he talks. By the way, I, Demon Flash Bandit, also speak human so that is not at all hard for me to believe. The two become friends and the show is about their "adventures". So far, I've found it to be a delightful show, and I think it shows remarkably good taste that a network like FX would have such a delightful show in their line-up. I love it. Angel Zoom Smokey loves it. I've asked a couple of my pals who are of the dog persuasion, and they also love it. I would suggest you watch this show particularly if you like dogs. It is a good show!

Demon Flash Bandit (Discussing Television Show: Wilfred)

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