Monday, July 30, 2012

I Won't Feed My Paw to the Gators!

I know this is something that us dogs know without even giving it much thought. It is never wise to feed your paw to an alligator. On the other paw, humans seem to have more problems learning these things. Wallace Weatherholt, who worked for Captain Doug's Airboat Tours in Florida recently lost his hand to a gator while on his job. It is unlawful to feed the gators in Florida (or I suppose anywhere else) except Gatorland, where you can purchase food to feed the gators. He is being charged with unlawful alligator feeding. There are a group of gators protesting the charges because they happen to enjoy having the humans feed them. This law worried me because what if the stupid humans ban other humans from feeding dogs? My humans always provide me with food, and it would be a lot of trouble for me to drive through drive-thru to order food for myself. I say if the man wants to feed a gator his hand, it really is not the government's business. I'm not so sure he meant to do it, but I still think it is a very silly law! Here is the link to the story:
Demon Flash Bandit (Dog Who Won't Feed Gator a Paw)

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