Saturday, July 7, 2012

Royal Underwear Hats

Today's blog is about something that is near and dear to everyone's hearts. I know it is to mine. It seems that my pal, the Queen Lady (Queen Elizabeth II) has "demoted" Kate Middleton. The Queen has now issued the "curtsy rules". Now, Kate has to bow before blood Princesses, but only if William is not present. If he is present, they have to curtsy to her. I'm so glad that this situation has been solved. Just how awkward would it be to meet someone and not know who is supposed to be curtsying! I did not see the royal dogs listed so I am going to assume that all the humans have to curtsy to them. After all, they are dogs so they are more important than the royal humans. I have to admit that none of us dogs really worry about who has to curtsy to whom. I think this is the major problem with the humans....they worry about things like curtsying. With all the problems in the world, the English royalty are issuing curtsy rules. What is next? Will the Queen tell Kate she can't wear that cool underwear hat she ordered from Hanes? By the way, I checked with some fashion gurus, and they say that men's underwear are the hats to go for. They said women's underwear does not make as funny a hat as does men's so I am giving the advice of experts on my blog. You didn't think I would write a blog without discussing these things with the experts, did you? I am hoping that the entire royal family will wear underwear hats at the same time because it sends that message to their subjects: "yes, we are as crazy as you thought we were". I'm sure that makes the British people rest easier at night knowing that their royalty is wearing the underware hats proudly.

Demon Flash Bandit (Dogs are The Only Ones Deserving of Royal Treatment)

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