Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Trongs: For Food That is Paw Licking Good!

I ran across a new product called trongs. The trongs were invented so the humans can eat food that, most of the time, is eaten with fingers, leaving fingers greasy and "dirty". I'm sure the humans will like this product, but as a dog, I don't see the point. I usually just pick up the food in my mouth and my paws stay clean. If the humans could learn to eat that way, they would not need any utensils. Of course, you can't expect the humans to know that because humans aren't as smart as dogs. If I do hold food in my paws, I have no problem with licking my paws. In fact, licking food off of paws is a lot of fun, and enjoyable because a dog gets some extra food. I have often said that some food is paw licking good! I am sure that this product will not sell well among dogs, but I'm sure it will do okay with the humans. Humans--always inventing products that dogs find useless! For those who are interested in this product, here is the link:
Demon Flash Bandit (Paw Licking Good)

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