Sunday, July 1, 2012

When Deer Attack!

I have never thought of deer as being particularly mean animals, but I saw today that one had killed a human woman so I was looking through some Internet videos, and I am going to share one in which a deer attacks an innocent dog for no good reason. I can only assume that the deer are eating killer tomatoes (which has been the subject of several Hollywood movies in the past), or that some of them are on drugs. That is often what causes the humans to do violent things. Here is the video:
This kind of behavior is out of line and the deer should not be allowed to act as such. If they do not cease and desist this kind of attacks on dogs, then I say let the humans shoot them. Normally, I do not like to see them hunted, but if they can't behave properly in polite society, then they have brought it on themselves.

Demon Flash Bandit (Deer Should Not Attack a Dog)

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