Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Today I am going to discuss know the dogs who can predict the future. I do think it is possible for a dog to be able to do this, but most of the dogs I have met who do so are frauds. I am writing this as a public service to help you know if the psychic you are giving dingo bones to is real or a fake. I am going to tell you how to know the difference by using the experiences of someone I know who has been to a psychic, that in my opinion, is a fraud. I am going to give you a script of an actual reading of someone I know who had a reading by the fraudulent psychic.

I am getting a message from the other side. Do you know anyone with a D in their name.

It must be my Aunt Doris, my Uncle Daniel, or my friend, Danielle.

Psychic: I'm seeing an older person.

Psychee: That is my Aunt Doris. She was a teacher for 30 years, and died of a heart attack 2 weeks before her birthday.

Psychic: I sense that your aunt was a teacher. She lived a full life, and had a heart attack.

Psychee: That is right! How did you ever know? Does she have any messages for me?

Psychic: Yes, she does. She said you should give the psychic double the fee and come back every week or you will end up dying one day.

Pyschee: Wow, it is great that Aunt Doris is still watching out for me beyond the grave. I'll do exactly what she says.

Psychic: Do you have a dog who has crossed over.

Psychee: Why yes, I do. I had him for 15 years, and his name was Coal. He was such a good dog. Does he have a message for me?

Psychic: Yes, he does. He says Wolf Wolf.

Psychee: That sounds just like him. He used to bark a lot, and seldom used human language.

If only the pyschee had known that the translation of wolf wolf was; "you are still an idiot, human, go home and quit wasting your money!"

Now you know how fake psychics fool people. Sadly, it isn't that hard to fool many of the humans!

Demon Flash Bandit (Discussing Psychics)

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