Sunday, August 19, 2012

Television Programming For Dogs

After watching another season of Dexter, the serial killer who only kills evil people, I have decided that if Showtime wants a dog to watch a show like Dexter, they should offer one with a serial killer who kills birds. I would pay for a premium channel to see that. Also, I have some pals who feel the same way about squirrels, mice, and other assorted small animals. I think it is ridiculous that the networks do not schedule any programming for dogs. I can guarantee that dogs are not part of the Neilson families--at least not the part that get to vote. This is wrong since we dogs watch more television than many of the humans. We also have access to more money. Sure, we may not go to the store, and buy stuff for ourselves, but we send our humans to get it for us which means that we influence many of the purchasing decisions in our households. If the networks don't want to listen, there isn't much that can be done except to start our own network... DOG...look for us. Our programs will be better than on the humans networks.

Demon Flash Bandit ( We Need Television Shows for Dogs)

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