Monday, August 6, 2012

The Olympics

I guess it is about time I write about the Olympics since they are in the news everyday. I think it is only proper that I give the history of the Olympics before I talk about the present day Olympics. The Olympics started out back in ancient Greece. The ancient Greeks had a bunch of gods they worshipped who lived on Mt. Olympus. The gods had a fairly easy life mostly sitting around and watching the humans and eating ambrosia. This shows that the ancient Greek gods must have found the behavior of the humans about as funny as us dogs since they were entertained by the antics of the humans--just as us dogs are. The gods started playing games with each other as entertainment, and they they told the humans to take over because it was more fun to watch and eat ambrosia than to actually have to play the games themselves. Different Greek city states would get together to prove how good they were. The Spartans always won the "how much pain can you endure" game. The Athenians won the "who can philosophize" the best. This went on for a number of years. However, under Roman rule, the games ended largely because the Romans were busy taking over other areas, paving roads, and roaming around (how do you think they got the name, Roman?). Also, the Romans decided to re-name the Greek gods so that people would think that the gods were Roman gods instead of Greek gods. I'm not sure how Zeus felt about being called Jupiter by the Romans, but I assume he wasn't too upset since the local Greek restaurant where my humans eat has a Zeus burger. I can only assume that he gave them the recipe.

Now some of my readers are probably wondering, what about the modern Olympic games? There were no Olympic games for centuries, and then (about 110 years ago) someone came up with the idea of having Olympic games again. I am going to assume it is someone who came up with a business plan of making Olympic souvenirs. It is difficult to sell Olympic souvenirs if there is no Olympics. The humans in charge thought that starting them again was a good idea so now the television networks have something else in the sports venue to cover. I am not a personal fan of the Olympics largely because I have yet to see an interesting category. There is no "who can eat the most milkbones in half an hour". Also, there is no "how fast can you eat a rawhide bone category". There isn't even 'how fast can you fetch a ball" category. Therefore I find the games quite uninteresting so I don't watch them. I'm not sure if the ancient gods watch them either. I'm guessing they don't since I'm not really quite so sure that those gods ever existed in the first place, but they make a nice story, and I can see gods being entertained watching how stupid the humans are. It always makes us dogs laugh!

Demon Flash Bandit (Dog on the Olympics)

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