Saturday, August 4, 2012

I Got a New Toy!!!

Today I am going to talk about a new dog toy which I found absolutely fascinating. Yesterday my human went shopping and bought me a new toy. This new toy is a "giraffe" Tubular. It squeaks EVERYWHERE. You can squeeze it on one end, and it squeaks. You push down on the other end, it squeaks. It squeaks in the middle. It is my first "super squeaky", and I LOVE squeaky toys!!! There is no stuffing in the toy, just a toy with delightful squeakiness. I'm sure a dog must have thought of this toy, and some human is probably taking credit for it, but it is truly a dog dream come true! For my fellow dogs reading this blog, if you don't have one of these incredible toys, make sure your humans know you want one. Mommy got mine at the local Meijer store. I'm not sure what other stores carry them, but your human should make it their mission in life to find you one. After all, as a dog, the human's job is to make you happy!

Demon Flash Bandit (Dog Who Loves New Toy)

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