Saturday, June 16, 2012

My Humans Aren't Rich or Famous

My humans are neither rich nor famous so I am not among the pets who live a luxurious lifestyle. I can't even get my humans to spring for the fish tank toilet I suggested in my blog of a couple of days ago. However, I do love my humans anyway. I do think that they could work a bit harder at becoming rich and famous so that I, Demon Flash Bandit, could live a more interesting lifestyle, but I have to remember--they are humans and I can't expect too much from them. It isn't like they are dogs! For those who would like to read about pets who have rich, and/or famous humans and have more fun than me, here is a link:

Of course, since one of my favorite hobbies is napping, I don't think it matters if my humans are rich and/or famous. Naptime is about the same no matter what your economic status.

Demon Flash Bandit (Dog Whose Humans Aren't Rich or Famous)

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