Friday, June 15, 2012

Cool Product for Cats!

I don't live with any cats, but I know a lot of dogs who do which is why I'm sharing some information about a cat product which I think would be very useful. That product is a cat spiral which the cat can climb up and sit above everyone. Since cats like to climb, I'm sure they enjoy the product. It serves the purpose of getting the cat up out of the dog's way. It isn't like us dogs want to have cats around. Besides, if you really don't like the cat, you could always get out a saw when the cat is up on top, and down goes kitty. Yeah, I know some dogs who would enjoy seeing that. I personally like cats, but I know some dogs who have no use for them. Another advantage is that if they are up in the air, and a bird happens to fly into the house, they can get the bird before said bird annoys a dog, and birds annoy this dog by their very existence. Here is the link to order the spiral cat climbing stairs. I think this is a cat must have!

Demon Flash Bandit (Sharing a Cat Product)

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