Sunday, June 17, 2012

Let's Watch the Bacon Show!

Imagine my happiness when I found a video of a cool new machine that uses 3D technology to cut bacon into perfect strips. It isn't that I really care what shape my bacon is--it could be star shaped for all I care as long as it is bacon, I will eat it. However, the thing I like about the video is that I can watch a huge slab of bacon being cut into smaller pieces. Personally, I could skip slicing it and just go for the huge slab, but I do enjoy watching bacon. I'm surprised bacon has not been offered its own television show. I know all us dogs would tune in, and it has to be better than Jersey Shore or Teen Mom, or any of the other stupid reality shows that the networks are running. There are a couple that I enjoy (like Pawn Stars), but I have yet to see any interesting dog related items being brought in to sell. The things the humans think are valuable is beyond me....if I were running a pawn shop, I would be looking for dog toys and bones. I could care less about the art and other assorted garbage the humans bring in there. But I need to get back to the subject, and that subject is bacon, bacon, and more bacon. If I were a network executive, I would sign that slab of bacon up for its own show. Of course, if the network executives knew what they were doing, there would be a Demon Flash Bandit Show. Anyway, here is the link for those of you who want to watch the only bacon show on television at the moment.

Write the networks and tell them you want bacon to have its own show that you would most definitely watch. While you are writing, be sure and tell them to sign me up for my own show too. I might even let Angel Zoom Smokey make a guest appearance if she is good, and does what I tell her to do. By the way, my dogster diary today discusses a topic that is important to every dog whose human bathes them: a kid in Texas was given a forced bath, and his parents are suing the school system. My diary is on I have a page on there with my diary that I write about as often as I write this blog. I do think this diary is a must-read for dogs! I hope everyone is having a nice--bath free weekend!

Demon Flash Bandit (Dog Who Wants to Watch the Bacon Show)

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