Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Three Annoying Little Pigs and their Nice Neighbor, the Wolf

Once upon a time there were three little pigs who were kicked out of the pig parents' house because they were so annoying. Thus they had to build houses for themselves. Sure, they could build one house and live together, but these pigs weren't just annoying, they were also stupid. The first little pig built his house out of paper--it was actually newspaper that he found on the neighbor's doorstep. The neighbor was a nice guy--a wolf who was quite handsome and looked a lot like some of us dogs. You can imagine how he felt about having his newspaper stolen so that a pig could use it to build a house in his neighborhood. The second little pig built his house out of cardboard--a refrigerator box to be exact. I don't think I need to tell you that this did not make the neighbors any happier. The third little pig built his house out of cloth--he found a tent and his house was the nicest of the three. The neighbors all got together and asked the wolf to go to the little pigs' houses and try to get them to move to another neighborhood since they were bringing down the property values. The wolf knocked on the first little pig's door--you don't expect houses made of paper to have a doorbell, do you? The little pig said: "who is there", and the wolf said, "it is I, the wolf". The little pig told him that he wasn't home. The wolf then went to the second little pig's house made from the box, and knocked on the door. This time he was told, "I don't owe you any money so get out of here". He went to the third little pig's house and knocked on the door there, and the little pig said: "I gave at the office". Needless to say, the wolf was getting very annoyed so he went to the city and registered a complaint at the zoning department, and the city workers came and condemned the pigs' houses. The moral to this story is: when the wolf comes to the door, the city could be next, or there could be barbeque bacon and ham for dinner.

Demon Flash Bandit (True Story of the Three Little Pigs)

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