Thursday, June 14, 2012

Movie Review: Snow White and the Huntsman

Today I am going to do a movie review of Snow White and the Huntsman. Obviously, this movie is based on the classic fairy tale, Snow White. In the movie, Snow White's mother died when she was very young. Then her dad married her evil stepmother, and the stepmother killed her dad, and took over the kingdom. She had magic powers and a mirror that always told her she was the "fairest in the land". Snow White was imprisoned in the castle. When she got older, and the mirror said she was fairer than the Queen, the Queen wanted to kill her. Fortunately for Snow White, she managed to escape. The Queen summoned the Huntsman and sent him to find Snow White. The Huntsman has to make the choice to help Snow White or do what the Queen ordered him to do. The movie did not leave out the dwarfs, but they were not named Sleepy, Doc, Sneezy, etc. I won't tell you how the movie turned out and spoil the ending, but I think Snow White would have been better off if she had dogs watching out for her. I always get nervous when humans are the ones you have to depend on....we dogs know how pathetic they are! There were a number of birds killed in this movie and I had to stand up and cheer. It isn't everyday that a dog gets to watch a bird killing movie! I give this movie 4 paws up and a tail wag which is a 7 out of 10 on the human movie scale. It is a very enjoyable movie, and I would recommend it to viewers who enjoy fairy tales.

Demon Flash Bandit (Movie Review: Snow White and the Huntsman)

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