Monday, June 4, 2012

Dogs at the United Nations

I have some good news to report today. I have a link to share with my readers about a group of dogs who took over the United Nations. This dog will rest easier at naptime knowing that dogs are taking care of the major world decisions. Look what happens when you leave things to the humans--they invent ways to blow up the planet! I don't happen to think that blowing up planet Earth is a particularly good idea. Even birds who want to take over don't want to destroy the planet completely. They just want to run it themselves. Here is the link:
I might add that the dogs look a lot cuter than the delegates who are human--not that I mean any insult to the humans, but dogs just happen to be a lot cuter than humans.

Since I have written about the zombie news stories in the past week, I have a link to share for those who want to read more about zombies. Here it is:
Whether these are actual zombies or just really "sick" humans, I don't think that zombie insurance I mentioned is a bad idea. I wonder....are the dogs meeting at the United Nations to try to stop the zombies? It makes sense that the humans would turn to an animal with superior intelligence in that situation: DOGS!!!

Demon Flash Bandit (Dogs Take Over United Nations)

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