Sunday, June 3, 2012

Note From Mommy

Once again, a human was fooled by a mere puppy. Yes, in a real life situation reminscent of the Welcome Back Kotter television show, a young boy who is 6 years old forged a note from his "Mommy" at school. Epstein always had a note from his mother explaining why he had missed school, and it was always signed "Epstein's Mother". The only difference is that the teacher (Mr. Kotter) never fell for the note. He always knew it was a forgery. Perhaps it being signed "Epstein's Mother" was the reason. However, the secretary at this school let the child leave on the basis of the note which was written on fingerpaint paper and done with a highlighter. I'm not saying a parent in a hurry couldn't write a note on fingerpaint paper with a yellow highlighter, but when it looks like it is written by a child, and many words are misspelled, I would have been far more skeptical. One look at this note told me that there is a child who wanted to leave school and go home. I will share the link so you can see what you think:
Schools must have changed a lot since my Mommy went to school. She said none of the adults at her schools would have fell for that note. Adult humans must be getting dumber.

Demon Flash Bandit (Discussing Forgery)

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